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Yvonne Banham grew up on an island off the coast of Cumbria and spent lots of time huddled on the blustery beach with a scary book. When she left school, she couldn’t decide whether to be a nurse, an artist, or a writer, so she tried them all and decided she liked words best. She can speak Dutch (badly) and believes in ghosts though she’s never met one. After five gloriously spooky years in Edinburgh, she now lives in Stirlingshire with her husband and their very naughty hound. If she’s not writing, she’ll be hiking the nearby hills or woodland.

Yvonne Banham - The Dark and Dangerous Gifts of Delores Mackenzie

'The Dark and Dangerous Gifts of Delores Mackenzie' by Yvonne Banham

When Delores Mackenzie is chased home by a restless spirit, she is sent to the mysterious Uncles in Edinburgh Old Town to learn how to control her unusual ‘gifts’. Scared and alone, she finds her new home at the Tolbooth Book Store is full of curious surprises: some welcome, others less so. But when a sinister apparition threatens the lives of her strange new housemates, Delores must gather all her strength to save them.