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Jon Roberts works in IT and lives in Swansea with his wife Sarah and daughter Kya.

Jon published his first book Through the Eyes of Me in August 2017 as a dedication to his 4-year-old daughter, Kya, who had been diagnosed with severe autism.

His second book, Through the Eyes of Us, published in August 2019, focusing on Kya's relationship with her friend Martha, also on the autistic spectrum.

Jon's third book, See What I Can Do! is a gently told but immensely informative picture book. It tells the stories of a number of children with a variety of differences inspired by the real-life experiences of his daughter and some of her friends.

Jon Roberts - Through the Eyes of Me

'Through the Eyes of Me' by Jon Roberts

Through the Eyes of Me is a beautiful, colourful, illustrated book for children that allows a glimpse into the world of a child with autism. Readers will meet 4-year-old Kya who loves to run, read, look at … and rip up … stickers. Discover why Kya does certain things, doesn’t like some things, and really, really loves other things.

This wonderful book is an ideal and engaging tool for teaching children about autism and about life as a child with autism. Through the Eyes of Me was written by Jon Roberts when his 4-year-old daughter, Kya, was diagnosed with severe autism. Together with his wife Sarah they hope that, by recording and sharing Kya’s lovely little quirks, they will help encourage a greater degree of understanding amongst siblings, classmates….in fact anyone who knows someone on the autism spectrum.

Through the Eyes of Me was longlisted for the Cogan Diversity Picture Book Award 2019.

Jon Roberts - 'Through the Eyes of Us'

'Through the Eyes of Us' by Jon Roberts

Through the Eyes of Us is a beautiful picture book giving an insight into the world of children with autism.

In this second book of the series, Kya is now going to school and has a best friend, Martha, who is also on the autistic spectrum but expresses herself very differently. Whilst Kya is quiet in the class, Martha is talkative and asks lots of questions. Both enjoy the sensation of eating, but Martha doesn’t understand that she can eat too much. Both like a bedtime routine, but whilst Kya can keep going until late at night, Martha knows when she is tired and takes herself to bed.