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After campaigning with Greenpeace for years, Catherine Barr trained as a journalist and became an editor at the Natural History Museum. Catherine now writes non-fiction books that aim to inspire children to explore, understand and take action to protect the natural world, and live close to the Powys boarder and the Welsh hills. She is a proud Patron of Reading for a local school and visits schools all over the country to run workshops inspired by her books, and was a patron of the Powys Summer Reading Challenge. The Tigers’ Tale is the incredible true story of how tigers were reintroduced to the Panna Tiger Reserve in India.

Catherine Barr - The Tiger's Tale

'The Tiger's Tale' by Catherine Barr

From the author of the beautiful Fourteen Wolves comes another incredible true story of rewilding.

Magnificent, powerful and mysterious, the tiger is one of the world's most iconic animals. It is also one of most endangered. For hundreds of years, these exceptional beasts have been hunted, pushing them to the brink of extinction. How can we save them?

This compelling tale tells the turbulent true story of the tragic disappearance of tigers from Panna Tiger Reserve in India and, finally, their heroic return. We follow a group of tigers, each with their own individual traits, on their adventures. Together, we learn how the tiger experts introduce tigers to the reserve and track them as they explore, hunt, play, swim, mate and make the forest their home. However, all is not as it seems – and there is danger lurking in the shadows of the emerald forest.

With evocative storytelling combined with clear non-fiction information by eco-expert Catherine Barr and lush illustrations by Tara Anand, this story illuminates exactly why tiger conservation is so important.

'Catherine Barr's book reminds us all that the threat of tiger trade still lingers and there is no room for complacency.' EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency)