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Helen Docherty is a Swansea based, internationally published author of rhyming picture books. Her stories have been translated into 27 languages, adapted for the stage and set to music. The Snatchabook and The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight, both illustrated by Thomas Docherty, have won book awards voted for by school children and been shortlisted for various national book awards. Helen enjoys helping children and adults to write their own stories, and regularly visits schools and delivers workshops. Her latest book, Someone Just Like You, is illustrated by David Roberts and described by Laura Padoan of the UN Refugee Agency as “absolutely beautiful…with an important message of solidarity and compassion that children will really connect with.”

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Ever since he picked up an Asterix comic in his local library when he was a kid, Thomas Docherty has been fascinated by the way you can put words and pictures together to tell a story. He has now published over 30 books, which are enjoyed all around the world. Some of his best loved books have been created with his wife, children’s author Helen Docherty. Whenever possible, Thomas likes going into schools and libraries to talk to children about his work and help them write and draw their own stories.

Helen and Thomas Docherty - The Screen Thief

'The Screen Thief' by Helen Docherty Illustrated by Thomas Docherty

Look out! There's a Snaffle about, and she'll eat your screen as a snack! When the Snaffle arrives in the city, she just wants to play, but everyone's too busy staring at their screens.

The Snaffle discovers that she likes screens, too

- as a snack! When she chomps down every last screen in the city, that's when the fun really starts . . .

Screens away, it's time to play in this warm, funny, and very timely tale from the creators of The Snatchabook.

A brightly illustrated rhyming tale for the whole family to enjoy!

Helen and Thomas Docherty are the author and illustrator behind The Snatchabook, The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight and Abracazebra

Helen and Thomas Docherty - The Bee Who Loved Words

'The Bee Who Loved Words' by Helen Docherty

Our words have POWER!

And no one understands this more than Persephone the bee.

Astronaut and telescope
Rhinoceros; kaleidoscope
Pterodactyl; saxophone
Pomegranate; xylophone!

Hermione, The Queen Bee, thinks Persephone should spend less time with words and more time on the hunt for flowers, which are getting harder and harder to find.

But what if Persephone can use her words to help?

Join Persephone in this read-aloud, read-again rhyming story about the power of our words, as well as the important task of protecting our bees. Packed with bright illustrations and plenty of word-play, The Bee Who Loved Words is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the joy of language.

Helen and Thomas Docherty - Into the Wild

'Into the Wild' by Thomas Docherty

One night Joe leaves his window open and with a swirl of leaves and a flap of feathers, the Wild invites him outside to explore the night-time city.

Joe learns that animals and plants can thrive even in the most built-up environment, and that with a bit of imagination, a city can be full of surprises.

Helen and Thomas Docherty - Someone Just Like You

'Someone Just Like You' by Helen Docherty

A deeply moving, vitally important picture book encouraging empathy and kindness.

Somewhere in this world, there is someone just like you,
who finds the same things funny and who laughs the way you do.

Have you ever stopped to think that there might be someone out there who is just like you? And if they needed you, would you help them?

Helen Docherty’s lyrical rhyming text is perfectly matched by David Roberts’ stunning, thoughtful illustrations, as the two combine to make a picture book that is as necessary as it is beautiful.