Swansea University is proud to be a bilingual University and welcomes and encourages the use of the Welsh language. We are committed to ensuring that the Welsh language is treated no less favourably than the English language.

Full details are provided below regarding opportunities and rights to use the Welsh language at Swansea University.

The general principles of the University's commitment to the Welsh language are as follows:

  • Any documents or forms produced for public use will be available in Welsh and English
  • Any apps that we produce will function fully in English and in Welsh
  • Any self-service machines will operate fully bilingually
  • Any new or replacement signs, or notices displayed, will be bilingual, with the Welsh language displayed so as to be read first
  • The University's website will be fully bilingual by 1 April 2019
  • The main corporate social media accounts will be bilingual, as well as the main accounts of colleges and relevant administrative departments
  • Any publicity or advertising material will be available bilingually
  • Interpreting will be provided at a public lecture, to allow members of the audience to ask any questions in Welsh, if the subject matter or the anticipated audience suggests it should be
  • For any learning opportunities provided to the general public, an assessment will be made as to the need to provide it through the medium of Welsh and these will be published on our website. The opportunity should be offered in Welsh where relevant
  • All announcements over a public address system (except for urgent health and safey announcements), will be made bilingually with the Welsh language first

Understanding your rights