Swansea University recognises that the efficient management of its records in all formats is integral to the provision of core functions, for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and contributes to the effective management of the institution.

Retention of Records

A key concept in records management is Retention: this is the period of time during which a record or records need to be retained. The criteria for determining retention periods are statutory and other requirements and administrative needs.

JISC has published detailed guidelines which outline statutory and recommended retention periods for records generated by universities. These guidelines cover the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Research
  • Knowledge Transfer and Enterprise
  • Academic Administration
  • Corporate Management
  • Corporate Resources
  • Subsidiary Companies
  • Commercial Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Student Services

 The retention periods in use in the University for the more common record types are:

Official Minutes and Papers Indefinite
Student Record Files 40 years
Examination Scripts For a minimum of 1 year after graduation (subject to professional requirements)
UCAS/Postgraduate application forms 5 years
Financial Records 7 years
Subject Files 7 years
Departmental Statistics 7 years
Disciplinary Case Files 7 years
Simple Contract Documents. 7 years
Staff Medical Records 10 years
Staff Leavers Files 10 years
Key Strategy/Policy Working Papers 10 years
Contract by Deed Records 12 years