Swansea University Procurement

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Welcome to the Procurement's external pages for Swansea University. These pages are designed to provide information to potential and existing suppliers.

Information for Suppliers

What and how the University procures goods and services is vital to it realising its wider strategic vision. In spending £100m a year on goods and services such as IT, laboratory supplies, cleaning services, travel, research equipment, consultancy services and construction, the University must ensure value for money and compliance.

Whilst the central Procurement team undertake responsibility for all high value procurement activity , the University operates a devolved budgeting system under which the responsibility for low value day-to-day purchasing is delegated to the Faculties and Professional services units as they are best placed to make decisions to meet the operational needs.

‌Swansea University Procurement team issue tenders where appropriate for various contracts and agreements. We also have access to Higher Education and public sector frameworks and agreements.

As a public sector body the University complies with Public Contracts Regulations 2015 for works, goods and services that exceed the thresholds. Any tenders that exceed the thresholds are advertised on Sell2Wales or otherwise awarded via an existing collaborative framework.


Please see attached our Supplier Privacy Notice Supplier Privacy Notice

Swansea University's Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise stated in a request for a quotation or tender documentation all Purchase Orders raised by the University are subject to the standard Terms and Conditions:

For more information on our Terms and Conditions please contact Procurement@swansea.ac.uk



Information on Fraud Scams
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There are ever increasing numbers of internet and phishing scams encountered by Suppliers of Swansea University. Please read the Fraud Information guide to familiarise yourself with safe internet practices: 


Fraud scams targeting suppliers and the University

Contact Information

To contact the Swansea University Procurement department please email: Procurement@swansea.ac.uk