Our Strategic Vision and Purpose

We are proud to present our Strategic Vision and Purpose, which sets out our ambitions for our University and what we stand for.

We are at heart an intrinsically principled, purposeful and resilient organisation, characterised by the distinct values, culture and behaviours that lie at our core and underpin the five key pillars of our University:

Our Civic Mission: We are proud to belong to the City of Swansea and the wider Swansea Bay City Region, and we celebrate that heritage. With campuses in three local authority areas, we recognise that our University is the region’s university.

Our Student Experience: Our students are at the heart of our University and we can take pride in our consistently strong reputation for the quality of our student experience, the strength of our student support services, and our commitment to student mental health and wellbeing.

Our Learning and Teaching: The sharing of knowledge to nurture independent, critical thinking is fundamental to our purpose. It enables our students to be resilient in the face of global challenges and to adapt to the changing world of work. We celebrate our Welsh heritage and are proud to be part of a bilingual nation. 

Our Research: Our research changes lives, drives innovation and regional growth, and is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It impacts on our culture and society as well as on our health and wellbeing, our economy and our planet.

Our Enterprise: We are an exceptionally collaborative and entrepreneurial university. We were founded by industry, for industry, and we remain true to the ambitions of our founders in that we work with industrial, commercial and public sector partners for the benefit of our region and nation.

Each of these areas is marked by our commitment to making a difference, to being socially and environmentally responsible, to striving for excellence, and to maintaining a global outlook that enables us to be a community University with international reach and reputation.

In producing this document, we have consulted widely with our colleagues, students, alumni and partners to set out our community’s vision for its university, its purpose, the commitments we will make and the priorities we will deliver.

This document will be reviewed annually and updated as often as necessary, and will be supported by detailed, underpinning strategies with clear targets and measures of success for each of our core pillars and enabling foundations.

You can read Swansea University: Our Strategic Vision and Purpose below.

A wheel graphic showing Swansea's values, culture and behaviours.