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Dr Shuangge Wen

Associate Professor, Law

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+44 (0) 1792 295833

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Prior to joining Swansea Law School in 2011, Dr. Shuangge Wen was a lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Dr. Wen took a professorship position at Jilin University in 2014. She nevertheless remains affiliated with the IISTL and serves as visiting professor in Swansea.

Her research specialism extends from general aspects of business law to interdisciplinary areas including corporate governance, business ethics and investment strategy. After completing her PhD at the University of Manchester, focusing on the long-standing debate concerning the purposes of the corporation, she has spent the past years in researching an assortment of interrelated corporate governance topics. These have included the significance of socio-economic and cultural contexts in shaping corporate governance, the role of institutional investors in governance practice, and the growth in attention to corporate ethics. Her research has been fruitful in this area, particularly in terms of the acceptance of lengthy papers by leading journals including Journal of Law and Society, Business Ethics: a European Review, Stanford Journal of International Law, American Business Law Journal, and European Business Organisation Law Review.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Company Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Ethics
  • and general aspects of Business Law