What we do

The Exercise, Medicine and Health (EMH) research group is part of A-STEM, a high performing research centre that was ranked 5th for research impact in REF 2014. We strive to address the major health challenges of the 21st century, improving people’s lives through exercise science. Our group is renowned for its work in exercise physiology and physical activity and health, across the lifespan and health conditionsOur work focusses mainly on pre-natal, paediatric, older adult and clinical populations, including Type I and Type II diabetes, kidney disease, cystic fibrosis and asthma. Working in close collaboration with research students, partners, health boards and charities, our research has directly influenced national and international public health policies and clinical practices.

We have benefited from our unique position within a Faculty of Science and Engineering, enabling us to capitalise on the technology revolution. We are at the forefront of implementing novel technological approaches to health promotion and clinical care, including advanced data analysis and data science methods. In summary, our work seeks to transform health behaviour and outcomes across the age, geographic and socio-economic range to create a healthier population. 

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