The Chemistry Department, based at Singleton Park Campus, has excellent, purpose-built laboratories ideal for students both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Integration between the department and the College of Engineering, the Medical School and other departments in the College of Science provides an environment of research excellence. This allows students and staff to invent, innovate and develop products in a way that impacts on current global challenges. 

The department delivers a modern chemistry curriculum with innovative teaching. Undergraduate students will learn from online pre-lab simulation, allowing more hands-on time in the lab.

Our degrees are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Students will get the opportunity to work on research projects with our active research team, gaining research skills that are in demand by employers.

Research interests include Energy, Health, New and Advanced Molecules and Materials; and Water and the Environment.

5 reasons to study Chemistry at Swansea

Chemistry students talk about their experiences

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Paige Mitchell, BSc Chemistry: I love being a member of the Chemistry Society as it helps me to build my CV at the same time as socialising with my friends. We help with outreach activities, such as assisting A-level students who come into our department and carry out experiments, which they would otherwise be unable to do using their school facilities. ChemSoc members are demonstrators for these events and get to support the students in their understanding of the practical as well as the theory behind what they are doing. Some of these experiments include, pH titrations using the data loggers and drop counters and organic synthesis of aspirin.

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