About The Welsh Institute of Physical Activity, Health & Sport

At WIPAHS, we use the transformative power of physical activity and sport to change the lives of people in Wales. Working across the nation, we bring together academia, those who are facilitating physical activity and sport, policy makers, and the public, to develop and answer key questions on the nation’s wellbeing and health.

Our aim is to create a healthier society. To achieve this, your insight and knowledge is vital.

Whether you’re looking to promote physical activity, develop sporting foundations or maximise health across the lifespan, we will work with you to help address questions you have identified.

We are here to translate research into practice, to bring together diverse knowledge and experience, and to create insight that transforms the health and wellbeing of our population. We will help find the answers if they are available, or work with you to develop the best approach to discover them if not. 

Introducing WIPAHS

Presentation from WIPAHS Roadshow

It’s essential that people across Wales are physically active, so that they feel healthy and well. However, it’s not always clear how to achieve this. WIPAHS can help to support both new and existing initiatives to inform their design, explain why they are successful, or develop lessons for future improvement.