Overview of (CReMMF) research centre

Research at the macroeconomic level of analysis is now more relevant than it has ever been. The Centre for Research in Macroeconomics and Macro-Finance (CReMMF) aims to promote research on international (open-economy) macro-modelling, real estate finance, banking, fiscal and monetary policy, and productivity, at both theoretical and empirical level. Within our research group, one developing research strand focuses on understanding regional responses to macroeconomic shocks; such analysis will enable us to feed into public policy in Wales. A further focus is to use our quantitative research to engage with the policy debate on how macroeconomic policy, alongside new banking and financial regulations, should be designed to support price stability and economic growth in the post credit crisis world. The CReMMF aims to raise the profile of our work, signalling the existence of a macroeconomic hub at Swansea to policymakers, academic collaborators and doctoral students. Our Centre includes researchers at Swansea as well as a network of collaborators including academics, professionals, and policymakers from other universities, research institutes and organisations around the world.

Dr Bo Yang

- Director

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