Dr Dilshad Jahan
Telephone: (01792) 295601
Room: Office 206 - 206
Second Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus

Before joining Swansea University in September 2015, Dilshad was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Heriot-Watt University. Dilshad has completed her PhD in Economics from Heriot-Watt University. She has obtained her MSc in International Finance from University of Dundee and BSS in Economics from University of Dhaka.

Research interests
International Macro and Monetary Economics, Growth, Financial Development, Applied Econometrics


  • MN-1019 Maths 1 for Economics B

    This module provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of mathematical tools used in the analysis of economic problems. The importance of these methods is demonstrated by their application to a range of traditional economic problems, for example, utility and profit maximisation.

  • MN-1510 Current Issues in Economics

    The module is an introduction to applied economics. It aims to show how basic economic concepts and methods can be used to provide insight and policy recommendations on a variety of topical economic issues.

  • MN-1512 Macro-economics 1

    This module builds provides a rigorous understanding of basic macro-economic principles by combining theory and application to contemporary issues, such that students have a sound basis for progression to study economics at Level 2.

  • MN-M580 Labour Economics

    The module provides students with an in-depth coverage of a range of issues in labour economics. This module intends to explain the behaviour of labour markets and the structure of labour market institutions, including labour supply, wages, search and matching, human capital, discrimination, market segmentation, unemployment and migration. This module should be seen as complementing the micro and macroeconomics modules that students have previously studied, or are taking at the same time. Empirical studies will be used extensively throughout this module to establish the link between theory and real life evidence. On the other hand, by emphasising on a market (the market for labour), the subject is also related to human resource management.