Universities have led research on the climate crisis for decades, and yet global emissions and temperatures only increase. Despite many higher education institutes including Swansea University declaring climate emergencies, we could do much more to drive Climate Action.

We aim to explore and initiate what is needed for Swansea University to more fully 'walk the talk' on Climate Action.

We need to intensify and widen efforts so that staff and students create – together – the emotional, intellectual, and practical capabilities to respond to the climate and ecological emergencies.

Our vision is that the university community becomes both an incubator and an exemplar for climate action, on campus and beyond.

Theme Leads

Dr Anna Pigott

Lecturer, Geography
Available For Postgraduate Supervision

Dr Jennifer Rudd

Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Engagement, Business
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


Drawing of colourful clothing

Recycle+ for KS1 & 2

Project Lead - Dr Geraldine Lublin's

Recycle+ Clothes Project

Recycle+ Resources include: