Fossil-free careers at Swansea University

Dr Anna Pigott and a few Swansea Geography students recently ran a campaign for fossil free careers at Swansea University and were (mostly!) successful. Swansea is the biggest university in the UK so far to commit to fossil free careers.

Anna wrote about the announcement in Times Higher Education, in the context of the recent decarbonisation news from Port Talbot. The short article does not enough to cover the complexities of the situation (i.e. mass unemployment, UK steel supply, possible offshoring of carbon emissions for steel production elsewhere...), but it acknowledges that just and managed transitions to fossil free futures are essential.

Anna said: 'It was fantastic to be involved with the campaign with such enthusiastic students, a definite teaching highlight'.

The campaign owes a lot of success to Teifion and the sustainability team, and Swansea Employability Academy, too!