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Balancing Gender Pay

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At Swansea University, we are committed to ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all our colleagues.

One of our priorities is to tackle the gender pay gap. We know that there is still a long way to go within our organisation, and in our industry as a whole. That’s why we actively look for ways to close the gap and regularly monitor our progress, and being honest about how we measure up is important to us.

We really value our colleagues and we know that they are at the heart of our success and ambitions. We will continue our commitment to provide them with a supportive environment that’s free from unfair discrimination and enables staff to fulfil their personal potential, this includes reducing our gender pay gap.

We will continue to be proactive and innovative in pursuing various activities to reduce the gender pay gap. This will include maintaining our Athena SWAN status by supporting all Colleges and Schools to hold their own awards and encouraging more women to apply for senior posts at Swansea University. 

Our reporting data on 

2019/20 Gender Pay report data

2018/19 Gender Pay report data