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To deliver our ambition, we need a workforce with the differentiated skills necessary to ensure that we can deliver excellence in research, teaching, learning, and the wider student experience, and to be a powerhouse for the regional economy and internationally.

The Academic Career Pathways (ACP) scheme is designed to ensure that academic strengths whether in research, teaching, the wider student experience, leadership or innovation and engagement, are all appropriately recognised, developed, valued, and rewarded.

The purpose of this approach is to support all academic staff to work to their full potential. The ACP criteria are designed to be transparent, fair and provide an indication of the thresholds

Strands and Criteria

There are 3 core criteria which must be maintained throughout all academic grades Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor (grades 8-11):

  • Core Management
  • Core Teaching
  • Core Research

There are 3 enhanced academic strands:

  • Enhanced Teaching and Scholarship
  • Enhanced Research
  • Enhanced Innovation and Engagement


Each criterion at each grade has clearly defined examples and Indicative Performance Levels. Where there is more than one Indicative Performance Level, the University’s strategic priority is indicated in bold.

Given the range of academic activity, the Indicative Performance Levels cannot be definitive but will act as a guide. 

Professor Academic Career Pathway Criteria

Associate Professor Academic Career Pathway Criteria

Senior Lecturer Academic Career Pathway Criteria

Lecturer Academic Career Pathway Criteria