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Natural products contribute significantly to our quality of life. Their unique value is attributed to millions of years of evolution. However, only a tiny fraction of the vast reservoir of these bioactive compounds, from readily accessible plants, animals and micro-organisms have been utilised.  

The climate change crisis, and need for more sustainable, greener living, demonstrates the need, now more than ever, to maximise the benefits of natural resources while minimising disturbances to the environment. 

Wider use of Natural Products within the agricultural, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries will contribute to a healthier environment and community. 

Swansea University's, Community Renewal Funded Natural Products BioHUB project, in partnership with Swansea Council, will bring together multi-disciplinary expertise from academia, industry and business, to address the need to:

  • Harness and develop the unique value of natural products and processes. 

  • Provide environmentally friendly solutions to meet the needs and demands of agricultural, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. 

  • Develop Green Infrastructure and create more business and job oportunities.

  • Help to combat climate change and increase the amount of BioDiversity within the Region. 


Natural Products BioHUB Project

The initiative provides a unique opportunity to collaborate and strengthen existing links with industry, business, and the wider community, and apply academic expertise into harnessing the potential of terrestrial and aquatic organisms further, with no detrimental effect on the environment. 

A unique multi-use BioHUB supporting: 

  • Researchers and businesses specialising in natural products.
  • Spin-out companies and industry partners working together to develop new and innovative natural products, processes and sustainable practices.
  • Training opportunities and upskilling of the local community.
  • Creation of new business and jobs within the region. 
  • Business and Industry networking.

As well as creating an accessible, community space to promote public engagement and a wider understanding of natural products and their benefits. 

Image of plant cells
Image showing needle and vial containing a vaccination drug
Image showing the extraction of natural products from food for health supplements
Image demonstrating the use of biopesticides in farming, shows a field of crops.

Natural Products Research and Expertise

Swansea University is a research leader in microbe-based natural products for agricultural, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries, having already spun out several successful businesses in this area. It's world leading engineering facilities and big data expertise provide potential for up scaling new and existing industries within the Natural Product Sector. 

Our research into Sustainable Futures, Energy and the Environment all contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals and address natural and societal challenges to support healthy and sustainable ecosystems.

Read more about existing BioScience research and its impact

Sustainable Futures, Energy and the Environment

Natural Products BioHUB Presentation


Find out more about the initiative by viewing this presentation Natural Products BioHUB Slides


Beneficial to all

The development of a BioHUB and project partnerships will benefit a range of stakeholders, including industry, business and the community, which in turn will promote a Greener Future for the Region. 


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Project Manager: Dr Farooq Shah 

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In Partnership with Swansea Council and the UK Government