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The Natural Products BioHUB team were delighted to support the recent Green Business Recovery Conference, organised by 4TheRegion, an alliance of people, businesses and organisations across South West Wales, who have a shared vision to promote a future for the region which promotes the wellbeing of people and the planet. 

It was an opportunity to give local companies a meaningful voice and play a part in the region’s green transition. The event brought local people and businesses together to create a shared plan of action for a sustainable, prosperous future. 

The BioHUB project Manager, Dr Farooq Shah and Swansea University Academic Experts in Aquatic Science and Algal Biotechnology, Professor Kam Tang and Dr Alla Silkina facilitated discussions surrounding Nature and how to support local businesses to adopt greener, more sustainable practices to reduce the use of chemicals and their carbon footprint. As well as consider ways a growing regional Natural Product Sector can be supported by the BioHUB, through initiatives to promote business growth and development and provide training opportunities to create a skilled local workforce. Which will contribute to establishing more business and employment opportunities and increased prosperity in the area, whilst addressing environmental issues. 

Swansea University was also able to showcase examples of how exisiting Research and Development is already contributing to a greener, more resilient future, such as Algal biotechnology - the use of microalgae to capture CO2 emission and to up-cycle wastes from industries.  

Read more about the event and watch a video of The BioHUB Team discussing how the initiative can contribute to the Region's Green Recovery. 


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The Natural Products BioHUB is delighted to be supporting a major international conference New IPM: A Modern and Multidisciplinary approach to Crop Protection. Hosted by Swansea University in partnership with the International BioControl Manufacturers Association UK the event will bring together experts in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 

IPM is undergoing a rapid change as modern technologies such as electronic sensors, robotic crop inspectors and drones are becoming normalised in crop production both in protected and arable settings. 

To be effective, IPM also requires different sectors to work together, especially industry, academia and regulatory authorities. The aim of the conference is to bring together everybody involved in the agribusiness chain, to present and discuss new innovations and how they are being implemented in crop protection. 

The Symposium will be followed by a FREE networking event. Organised by Swansea University’s Research and Innovation Services and supported by SCoRE Cymru, it will offer an opportunity for Welsh industry and academia to network with international partners. 

The focus will be funding opportunities from UK and EU sources, in particular Horizon Europe Cluster 6 (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and environment) and related calls around plant health, resilient infrastructure and low risk pesticides. 

Read the latest press release 

Other News

We have a wealth of multidisciplinary expertise across the University and the impact of our research and innovation was recently recognised at the Research and Innovation Awards

  • Professor Tariq Butt was shortlisted for the Outstanding Impact on Industry, Commerce and Innovation Award for his research into using fungus, Metarhizium brunneum, as an effective biocontrol agent against major plant pests such as thrips and weevils. Find out more Fungus to control crop pests
  • Swansea University experts from CSAR are a key partner in an innovative Biophilic Living city centre development Read more about the project
  • REF 2021 Results recognised Swansea University for the quality of its research environment, which encompasses the people, infrastructure, resources and activities that support research and enable impact. 91% of Swansea’s overall environment submission is recognised as world-leading and internationally excellent.
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