Upcoming Seminars

Thursdays (in term time) 1 – 2 pm in the Zoology Museum, Wallace Building, Singleton Campus For any inquiries, please contact Dr Eva Sonnenschein e.c.sonnenschein@swansea.ac.uk

DateSpeakerSeminar Title
4 July Prof. Jim Bull/Dr Will Allen Workshop on “Doctoral training networks”
27 June Dr Ed Pope Exploring crustacean biology at Swansea University
20 June Dr Matt Tarnowski   Growing microbial communities for the identification of plastic-degrading enzymes
6 June Dr John Griffin Workshop on “Scanning the Biosciences funding horizon”
2 May Prof Carlos Garcia de Leaniz, Swansea University From broken rivers to free-flowing rivers
11 April Dr Alla Silkina, Swansea University Application of algal cultivation technology to convert waste nutrients in context of circular bioeconomy
21 March Prof Sonia Consuegra, Swansea University Less can be more: Understanding the adaptive role of epigenetics using naturally inbred fish
7 March Dr Kim Stokes, Swansea University Depth-use ecology of sea turtles
29 Feb Dr Dan Forman, Swansea University ‘Otterly’ Ecological
22 Feb Prof Boris Schröder-Esselbach, TU Berlin Coastal ecosystem services, restoration of seagrass meadows, and spatio-temporal dynamics of brackish marshes – ecological modelling provides key contributions to coastal ecology
8 Feb Brandon Shaw, Loughborough University Accessory to Murder: Carnivorous Plants Host Diverse Fungal Endophyte Communities Driven by Host Functional Traits
18 Jan Prof Tariq Butt, Swansea University Metarhizium, a multifunctional fungus
11 Jan Billy Moore, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Effects of marine warming on the metabolism and transcriptome of clownfish