Shumukh Abdullah Alharthi
  • Name: Shumukh Abdullah Alharthi
  • Email:
  • Project: Screening, discovery and application of new bioactive natural products
  • Supervisor: Dr C Greco
Ishrat Zahan Anka
Fred Baggs
  • Name: Fred Baggs
  • Email:
  • Project: Artificial irrigation framework development to enhance climate change mitigation strategies at sea turtle nesting beaches
  • Supervisor: Dr N Esteban
Jack Cooper
Sophia Anne-Marie Hilbre Coveney
  • Name: Sophia Coveney
  • Email:
  • Project: Using molecular and stable isotope approaches to investigate sea turtle foraging ecology in the Western Indian Ocean
  • Supervisor: Dr N Esteban
Camille Domy
  • Name: Camille Domy
  • Email:
  • Project: Incorporating life history into habitat suitability modelling of Zostera marina, for use in restoration
  • Supervisor: Professor J C Bull
Hywel James Nicholas Evans
Amy Fitzgerald
Ruby Louise George
  • Name: Ruby Louise George
  • Email:
  • Project: Ecological stability and functioning of rocky shores: Roles of heterogeneity, latitude and urbanisation
  • Supervisor: Dr J N Griffin/Prof P Moore (Newcastle University)
Alessandra Giacomini
  • Name: Alessandra Giacomini
  • Email:
  • Project: Parasite spread and microbiome-stressor relationships in domesticated and synanthropic species
  • Supervisor: Dr K L Wells
Sally Isabella Henderson
  • Name: Sally Isabella Henderson
  • Email:
  • Project: Harnessing species interactions for sustainable management of coastal infrastructure
  • Supervisor: Dr J N Griffin
Siriol Catrin Jones
  • Name: Siriol Catrin Jones
  • Email:
  • Project: An Investigation of the Variation in the Biodiversity of the Flora of mid-Wales during the Holocene
  • Supervisor: Professor C A Froyd
Nupur Anil Kale
Elfina Marchantia Karima
  • Name: Elfina Marchantia Karima
  • Email:
  • Project: Exploring Fungal Chemodiversity: Integrating Bioinformatics, Genetics, and Chemical Studies for Bioactive Natural Products Discovery
  • Supervisor: Dr C Greco
Hannah Muir
  • Name: Hannah Muir
  • Email:
  • Project: Distribution and extent of blue carbon habitats and their carbon storage capacity and sequestration potential around the Isle of Man
  • Supervisor: Dr R K Unsworth
Suleiman Mustapha
  • Name: Suleiman Mustapha
  • Email:
  • Project: Developing a push-pull bio-pesticidal strategy to control establishment pests in oilseed rape based on attractant and repellent semiochemicals
  • Supervisor: Professor T M Butt
Megan Holly Nicholl
  • Name: Megan Holly Nicholl
  • Email:
  • Project: The routes of inheritance of personality traits and the microbiome in banded mongooses (Mungos mungo)
  • Supervisor: Dr H J Nichols
Lucia Pedrazzi
Abrar Shakil
Matthew John Sparks
  • Name: Matthew John Sparks
  • Email:
  • Project: Characterisation and manipulation of urban light environments for fly control
  • Supervisor: Dr W L Allen
Holly Stokes
Fahmida Sultana
  • Name: Fahmida Sultana
  • Email:
  • Project: Major Drivers of Forest Multifunctionality and Ecosystem Services of Mangrove Forests of Bangladesh
  • Supervisor: Dr J N Griffin
Lucie Thompson
  • Name: Lucie Thompson
  • Email:
  • Project: The drivers and consequences of global distributional shifts on the structure of avian communities
  • Supervisor: Dr M Lurgi Rivera
Lewis Vincent Williams
  • Name: Lewis Vincent Williams
  • Email:
  • Project: Can the past predict the future? The potential to persist and diversify using the elasmobranch phylogeny
  • Supervisor: Dr C Pimiento
Gemma Martine Woodhouse
  • Name: Gemma Martine Woodhouse
  • Email:
  • Project: Illuminating the forest highways: Real-time assessment of aggregated fungal network responses and resource translocation
  • Supervisor: Professor D C Eastwood