Dr Eva C. Sonnenschein

Associate Professor, Biosciences

Telephone number

+44 (0) 1792 604106
Academic Office - 110
First Floor
Wallace Building
Singleton Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


I am a marine microbiologist investigating the complex ecosystems surrounding both microalgae and microplastics, aiming to understand their microbial communities and interactions.

Microalgae are responsible for 50% of the global carbon fixation, while also holding immense promise in biotechnological advancements. Their health in Nature and applied settings is intrinsically interlinked to their associated bacteria. Consequently, my research focuses on exploring these associations, aiming to uncover the fundamental principles guiding their interactions. Ultimately, I aspire to facilitate the integration of microalgae into sustainable biological production systems.

In addition to my investigations into microalgae, I am deeply engaged in understanding the microbial landscape associated with marine microplastics. These microscopic yet pervasive pollutants pose significant threats to marine life and ecosystems. Through my work, I aim to decipher the intricate dynamics between microplastics and microbial communities, striving to mitigate their adverse effects and foster novel biotechnological solutions.

For more information, please visit our homepage: https://www.sonnenscheinlab.com/

Areas Of Expertise

  • Marine microbiology
  • Microbial ecology
  • Microbial interactions
  • Microbiomes
  • Biochemistry
  • Genomics
  • Biotechnology
  • Bioremediation

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

I am committed to teaching microbiology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. Through hands-on experiences in the wet and dry lab and engaging lectures and workshops, I aim to equip students with a solid understanding of these fields and the skills needed to tackle real-world challenges. My goal is to inspire the next generation of scientists to explore the complexities of the microbial world and leverage molecular and computational tools for impactful research and innovation.

Research Collaborations