Group Overview

The Biocontrol and Natural Products (BANP) group focus on two broad areas:

1) Biocontrol: focussing on developing natural agents for the control of invertebrate pests which impact on food security and human and animal health:

2) Natural Products: focussing on exploiting agents or their by-products for use in disparate biotechnologies that contribute to protecting the environment and the generation of new therapeutics for healthcare.

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Our research aims to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly products and strategies for the control of arthropod pests of global socio-economic importance.  

Products include entomopathogenic fungi such as Metarhizium anisopliaebotanicals and semiochemicals. Botanicals with attractant, repellent or insecticidal properties are used in conjunction with the fungi to create innovative pest control strategies which will "lure and kill" or "confuse and kill" the targeted insects.