The Governance and Nominations Committee is responsible for reviewing and advising the Council on the University's governance arrangements, ensuring the University pursues good practice and complies with external governance requirements. The Committee is also responsible for recommending to Council the appointment of lay officers and lay members to Council. During the 2021-22 academic session, the committee held three meetings, including one special meeting. The Committee's business focused on recommendations to Council regarding membership changes, terms of references, Council members key responsibilities, and proposals for the next Independent Governance Effectiveness Review; a review of it's annual cycle of business, Committee effectiveness, and appraisal processes for Chairs and the Vice-Chancellor. It also focused on the implementation of the recommendations from the External Effectiveness of Council and Camm review. 

Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council (Chair) Bleddyn Phillips
Pro-Chancellor Sir Roderick Evans
The Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle
Lay Member of Council Ms Elin Rhys
Lay Member of Council Ms Anne Tutt
Lay Member of Council Professor Keshav Singhal
Staff Member Appointed by Senate Professor Ryan Murphy
Staff Member Appointed by Senate Vacancy
President of Students’ Union (or nominee) Mr Pablo Josiah

Date Papers Circulated to Members

Date of Meeting 

Time of Meeting

25/09/2023  02/10/2023 2.00pm
17/11/2023 24/11/2023 2.00pm
04/03/2024 11/03/2024 2.00pm
10/06/2024 17/06/2024 2.00pm