Areas of Expertise

  • Youth justice
  • Children's participation in decision making
  • Children's rights
  • Consultation with children and young people
  • Youth crime prevention
  • Multi-agency crime prevention
  • Young people's use of substances
  • Youth offending


  1. Haines, K., Charles, A., Charles, A. Responding to Harm: The Challenge of Children’s Perspectives Journal of Victimology and Victim Justice 2 1 90 108
  2. Charles, A., Haines, K. Engaging young people as partners for change: The UR Community project International Journal of Children's Rights 27 140 175
  3. Charles, A. Generating Authentic Understandings of Participation: Working with Young People Intersections 3 1
  4. Charles, A., Haines, K. Measuring Young People’s Participation in Decision Making The International Journal of Children's Rights 22 3 641 659
  5. Charles, A. Using research to enhance and embed policy and practice which promotes children's participation in decision making ESRC

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  • ASC303 Young Offenders and Youth Justice

    This module deals with the theory and practice of youth justice and working with young offenders. The history of changing attitudes and policies is related to current issues and practice. The work and shifts in the functions of key criminal justice agencies such as youth offending teams will be critically considered in this module.

  • ASC319 Serious Crime and Social Harm

    Globalisation is a defining characteristic of the 21st century - almost every aspect of human existence is touched by globalization. The growth of mass communication, international networks and migration has collapsed time and space with the result that there has been movement towards a single culture. Contemporary criminology therefore sits within a rapidly changing world. This module steps away from conventional models of criminological enquiry; it considers serious crime through a social harm perspective. It examines manifestations of crime in the following areas: ¿ Gun crime and gun culture (with particular focus on the USA and UK) ¿ Multi-cultural society, domestic abuse and so called honour based violence against women ¿ Human Trafficking/Slavery for the purposes of commercial exploitation (human organs, forced labour, sexual exploitation ¿ Green Criminology, including environmental crime and key challenges such as global warming

  • ASC324 Dissertation

    This module will equip students with the skills needed to produce a dissertation of between 8,000 and 10,000 words. A series of 6 compulsory meetings with dissertation supervisors followed by optional meetings, enables students to complete this task

  • ASCM17 Understanding Criminological Theory

    This module aims to introduce students to the main explanatory approaches used in criminology, with an appraisal of the aspirations, scope and limitations of each. The focus is on how criminologists have used different paradigms of explanation, what insights these have generated, how they have informed research, debate and policies concerning crime, and the extent to which they have received empirical support.

  • ASCM19 Young People and Youth Justice

    This module will provide students with a critical and thorough knowledge of youth justice and critical issues that are facing the youth justice system and those who come into contact with it. Through the module, the ways that law, policy and practice have evolved to enable forms of 'youth justice' will be explored, with a focus upon providing not just theoretical perspectives, but understandings of the way that 'youth justice' operates in an applied context.

  • ASCM43 Dissertation ( Applied Criminal Justice and Criminology)

    Students will write a dissertation on a criminological topic of their own choice.


  • To what extent does the Rights and Responsibilities debate raise tensions for practices with children and young people (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Simon Hoffman
    Other supervisor: Dr Anthony Charles
  • Youth Justice in Wales: The Role and Influence of Welsh Youth Offending Teams in the Context of Pre-devolution Youth Justice. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Simon Hoffman
    Other supervisor: Dr Anthony Charles
  • The Impact of Participative Rights in Schools (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Anthony Charles
    Other supervisor: Dr Simon Hoffman
  • Examining the multiple impacts of 'Welsh Town' Bureaux (awarded 2019)

    Other supervisor: Dr Jon Burnett
    Other supervisor: Dr Anthony Charles