If you didn't get into Medicine this year and find yourself reconsidering your options, our Pathways to Medicine are an ideal choice for you.

Each of our 10 Pathway Degrees offer the opportunity of a guaranteed interview for Graduate Entry Medicine, helping you achieve your ambition to study Medicine and become a Doctor. They are ideal if you:

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Medical Pharmacology Webinar

Join our Programme Director Dr Aidan Seeley to hear all about our Medical Pharmacology degree here at Swansea and find out where the degree could take you.

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Pathways to medicine

Pathways to Medicine Webinar - Medic Portal

Haven't secured a place to study Medicine this year? Don't panic - in this webinar we will provide an overview of your options, explore our Pathways to Medicine, and talk through the next steps to beat the Clearing rush.

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Your Pathways to Medicine Options

Applied Medical Sciences
Students in a Lab

Applied Medical Sciences is a multidisciplinary field of study that focuses on the biological aspects of human health and disease. It combines principles from biology, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines to understand the underlying mechanisms of diseases, develop diagnostic tools, and explore treatments and interventions. Applied Medical scientists play a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge and improving healthcare.

Available as: 

Medical Biochemistry Medical Genetics Medical Pharmacology Population Health and Medical Sciences Other Clinical and Healthcare Routes

How it works

Students who choose a Pathway to Medicine benefit from bespoke modules, health or related observations and specialist preparation for applications to Graduate Entry Medicine alongside a guaranteed interview for our Graduate Entry Medicine course.

We guarantee graduates from our select undergraduate degrees an interview for our Graduate Entry Medicine programme, provided they meet the minimum entry requirements at the time of application, and successfully complete the Pathway.

Student in teaching lab with lecturer using pippet
Students at Teaching Lab Bench with 2 lecturers

Successful completion of the Pathway is: 

  1. Overall 60% average in Year 1 of your studies, to be eligible for the Pathways Module in Year 2 "Doctors, Patients and the Goals of Medicine (PM254)"
  2. 60% in the Pathways Module - "Doctors, Patients and the Goals of Medicine (PM254)"
  3. Students must have or be expecting a valid GAMSAT (or MCAT if an International student) score at the time of application

Students who meet these entry requirements will be eligible for a Guaranteed Interview in their final year, students may only use the Interview Guarantee once, in their final year of study.

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