A former leading Swansea University academic has been remembered at a special meeting held by the British Mass Spectrometry Society.

Professor Dai Games, formerly Director of the EPSRC National Mass Spectrometry Facility at Swansea University Medical School, passed away in 2018.  Professor Games championed the development and application of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LCMS), and hyphenated-MS techniques generally.

The meeting was hosted at Kings College London on April 9th and honoured the legacy of Professor Games and the Games Group. It was attended by both established practitioners and those entering the field.

The Games Group contributed to a global scientific legacy which continues to inform analytical science to the present day. The group also inspirationally mentored multiple cohorts of research students in their own unique way.

The British Mass Spectrometry Society said: “The Games Group had an unerring ability to identify latent talent, in candidates that did not necessarily conform to the academic prejudices of the day. Self starters were assiduously recruited and enabled! The group inducted a very diverse team and were ahead of the curve  in doing so in the 1970/80s. In homage to that ethos the  meeting aggressively encouraged the participation of Early Career Researchers.”

Prof Games completed a Ph.D in Chemistry at Kings, he did postdoctoral work at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. He then won an appointment as a lecturer in the department of chemistry at Cardiff University where he helped develop its work in organic chemistry, becoming responsible for running its mass spectrometry section.  In 1989 he became Director of the Mass Spectrometry Research Unit at Swansea University, successfully expanding and developing its work up till his retirement in 2003.”