Exploring the physical and mental benefits of seat warmers on vulnerable adults

Homeglow Products and LLESAINT Delta Wellbeing worked with HTC to help test a low-cost heated seat cover that keep vulnerable older adults warm at the touch of a button.

Maintaining our internal temperature within a degree or two of 37 degrees is vital to a healthy body. However, as we get older, our bodies become less effective at controlling skin blood flow and generating internal heat. 


Blue seat warmer positioned on a cream armchair

B-Warm Heated Armchair Cover

The B-Warm heated armchair cover has been developed by Homeglow Products for those who suffer from the cold – the frail and elderly discharged patients, those with mobility problems and or those suffering from rheumatism. Heat and slightly raised temperatures have been shown to improve wellbeing, linked to an increase in endorphins in response to heat. Endorphins are known to help relieve pain, reduce stress, and may cause a euphoric feeling.

A previous study established that using a B-warm heated seat cover can significantly decrease the cost of heating a home. However, numerous testimonials from users also indicate that the B-Warm also increased their sense of comfort and wellbeing.

A questionnaire was developed by HTC with input from Homeglow Products, Swansea University Academics and LLEISANT Delta Wellbeing. Delta Wellbeing used their current clientele list to contact older adults and the participants were provided with a B-Warm and completed a pre-use questionnaire. Half of the B-Warms used were provided by energy firm Cadent Gas.

After one month of using the product as they desired, Delta Wellbeing then performed the same questionnaire, with additional questions about ease of B-Warm use, their experience with the product and any effects on pain and wellbeing. The mean age of the 72 participants was 79.6 years.


• 73.9% of the participants declared a reduction in perceived pain level.
• 75% of the participants declared an improvement in subjective wellbeing.

Martin Lewis, Owner, Homeglow Products:

“It has been a most useful project, underlining the benefits to users and to carers for the improvement in wellbeing and speed of recovery that would be helpful, also the potential reduction in hospitalisation periods with faster discharge benefits to the NHS.”

Paul Faulkner, Head of Technologies, Delta Wellbeing:

“It was an interesting project, and I know when our staff phoned the clients back after one month of using the product, they were genuinely feeling a lot better about themselves and their wellbeing!”