The Healthy Ageing & Chronic Conditions Research Institute is leading innovative inter-disciplinary approaches to promote lifelong health & deliver improved interventions to manage chronic conditions more efficiently. 

Throughout our lives we are exposed to environmental, biological, psychological, & social factors that affect our health & well-being. The Healthy Ageing & Chronic Conditions Research Institute produces high quality evidence to better understand these factors, & to develop policies & practices to support people to age well. Our research spans all stages of life & integrates insights from the cellular to the societal level. 

This is underpinned by international interdisciplinary research that encompasses large scale observational studies, experimental research, qualitative studies, & the delivery of advances in prevention, early diagnosis & treatment, to improve the clinical management of chronic conditions. 

The active engagement & involvement of key stakeholders & members of the public is a core component of our research to help people have healthier, longer lives. 

Our Research Areas

Understanding and managing chronic disease

Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and Women's Health

Psychology Study

Supporting ageing populations

Supporting people with chronic conditions, neurodiverse populations and dementia

Patient having a conversation with medical staff

Psychological factors

Evaluating psychological comorbidities and how they affect outcomes of treatment

Psychology Study

Lifestyle factors

Determining adverse health effects caused by consumer and environmental exposure

Image of city

Social inequalities

Understanding the health consequences of poverty, culture and mobility

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Our Activities

Steering Group

Professor Christopher George, Professor, Biomedical Sciences

Professor Andrea Tales, Personal Chair, Public Health

Professor Deya Gonzalez, Professor, Biomedical Sciences

Dr Gary Christopher, Senior Lecturer, Public Health

Dr Laura Wilkinson, Associate Professor, Psychology

Dr Deborah Morgan, ENRICH Cymru Research Manager, Public Health

Professor Deborah Fitzsimmons, Personal Chair, Public Health

Dr James Murray, Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Sciences


ECR Working Group

Get Involved

We welcome anyone who shares our vision, mission and values to join us in furthering our collaboration activity, both at home and overseas.

In particular, we are looking to continue to strengthen our links with the NHS, industry and other partners around the world.

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