The Advanced Diagnostics and Medical technologies Research Institute (ADMT) promotes a range of healthcare research across the University, NHS and industry partners, to breakdown ‘silos’ and boost the wider research culture.

Led by Professor Jeremy Tree and Dr Jason Webber, the ADMT Research Institute aims to improve early detection, diagnosis & healthcare by fostering collaborations between biology, technology, behavioural science & patient lived experience.

Patients are front and centre of this research – by fostering transdisciplinary collaborations we aim to improve the lives of patients. This could be through development of new biomarkers, reducing time spent in hospitals, or making devices more comfortable for the patient/end user (e.g. nurse). Our research is closely aligned with the World Health Organisation’s definition for Health Technology.

Our Research Areas 

Improving early detection and diagnosis

Pioneering biomarkers, profiling cognitive change, & innovating tech solutions.

red blood cells image

Refining Interventions Through Co-Production

Collaborative patient & stakeholder involvement leading to novel solutions.

Blood pressure cuff on patients arm

Improving Patient Lived Experience

Translational research for practical results that improve human health.

Nursing students and patients
Steering Group Members

Professor Andrea Tales, Personal Chair, Public Health, Swansea University

Professor Dean Harris, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Swansea Bay University Health Board

Dr Emma Rees, Associate Professor, Healthcare Science, Swansea University

Dr Owain Howell, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Swansea University

Dr Zoe Fisher, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Swansea Bay University Health Board

Dr Natalie De Mello, Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Sciences, Swansea University

Dr Rachael Hunter, Senior Lecturer & Clinical Psychologist, Psychology, Swansea University

Dr Jonathan Howard, Clinical Scientist, Swansea Bay University Health Board

Dr Alex Jones, Senior lecturer, Psychology, Swansea University

Get Involved

We welcome anyone who shares our vision, mission and values to join us in furthering our collaboration activity, both at home and overseas.

In particular, we are looking to continue to strengthen our links with the NHS, industry and other partners around the world.

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