*A = Algebra and Topology Seminar
*P = Analysis and PDEs Seminar
*W = Welsh Probability Seminar
*C = Departmental Colloquium
*B = BioMaths Colloquium
*CM = Computational Mathematics Seminar
February 2020
Tuesday, February 18th, 1pm, Robert Recorde Room
Wojciech Szymanski  (Odense) *A
On noncommutative fibre bundles
Thursday, February 20th, 3pm, Robert Recorde Room
Yue Ren (Swansea) *C
What is tropical geometry
Tuesday, February 25th, 1pm, Robert Recorde Room
Alvaro Casas (Cardiff) *A
The persistence Mayer Vietoris spectral sequence
Thursday, February 27th, 3pm, Robert Recorde Room
George Morrison (NYU Shanghai) *P
The Interplay of Two Euler-Lagrange Equations in the Context of Self Maps of the Annulus
March 2020
Friday, March 6th, 3pm, Robert Recorde Room
Aleksandra Ardaseva (Oxford) *B
Modelling evolutionary adaptation of cancer cells to fluctuating oxygen levels