Join us and change the world

The Computational Foundry is a £32.5 million world-class facility and a beacon for research collaborations backed by £17m from the European Regional Development Fund.
It ‌drives research into computational and mathematical sciences, making Wales a global destination for computational scientists and industrial partners.
Our community of computational and mathematical scientists pursue transformative research and believe that better computational science is key to building a progressive world.
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Creating a community of digital innovation

The Computational Foundry core team compromises of staff from Swansea University’s School of Mathematics and Computer Science and sits within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

This facilitates cross-discipline research, working with a ‘wider’ computational science community, encompassing academics from other disciplines within the University where academic interests overlap.

The Computational Foundry is a place where industry partners can work with us, test new ideas, people from all disciplines can link up on research collaborations, and where the digital innovators of tomorrow are completing their studies.

Our research

Cyber security (‘Securing Life’), health technologies (‘Sustaining Life’) and the increasing pervasiveness of digital in everyday life (‘Enhancing Life’) are the Foundry's three core research themes, but we adopt a flexible approach, responding to industry needs and emerging research priorities across computational science.

The Foundry will be the crucible for innovation and business engagement in the ICT sector, creating an eco-system for meaningful career opportunities across all sectors. EU funding supports us to drive forward cutting-edge research and innovation for Wales’ global success, which will have a positive impact on people, businesses and communities across Wales by helping build a thriving economy for all.

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