Swansea University, POSTPONED to 2021

Bay Campus

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About the school

As part of its role in sustaining the mathematical community, the London Mathematical Society has introduced Undergraduate Summer Schools. The aim is to introduce to modern mathematics the best UK Maths undergraduates, who are about to enter their final year of study, and to make them think seriously about an academic career at that stage.

The 2020 Summer School WAS POSTPONED and will be held in 2021 will be held between 12–24 July 2020 at the Department of Mathematics of Swansea University

The Summer Schools will be a combination of short lecture courses with problem solving sessions and colloquium style talks from a range of leading mathematicians.

The Summer School will be limited to 50 undergraduate participants.

School programme


Niels Jacob (Swansea)   

From Fourier series to Cantor’s set theory and Hilbert spaces

Tobias Kuna (Reading)     
Carlo Marinelli (UCL)     
Enrico Scalas (Sussex)  Monte Carlo simulations and the solution of space-time fractional differential equations  Abstract
Sarah Whitehouse (Sheffield)     
Thomas Woolley (Cardiff)     


Colloquium speakers

Christina Cobbold (Glasgow)      
Michael Grinfeld (Strathclyde)  Discrete Coagulation Fragmentation Equations  Abstract
Heather Harrington (Oxford)   Topological Data Analysis for Investigating Dynamics on and of Biological Networks  Abstract
Ian Leary (Southampton)   Countability, groups, subgroups and finiteness properties  Abstract
Felipe Rincon (QMUL)   A glimpse of tropical geometry  Abstract
Melanie Rupflin (Oxford)   Flowing to minimal surfaces   
Caroline Series (Warwick)   Simple curves on hyperbolic surfaces  Abstract
Arkadiusz Wiśniowski (Manchester)  

Measuring migration by using traditional and new forms of data



How to participate

Participants will be students on mathematics programmes who are entering their final year of study in autumn 2020. The final selection of participants will be made by the Local Organising Committee on the recommendation of the Head of Department and/or LMS representative.

If you would like to participate, please discuss this with your Head of Department, and then complete the nomination form and return it, together with a copy of your academic transcript to date, to your Head of Department or LMS Representative who will forward nominations to the LMS.

Nominations should be received by 1 April 2020. (Note that the deadline has been extended!)

The registration fee is £250 and it will be paid by your respective Department. The registration fee will cover costs of meals and accommodation during the LMS Undergraduate Summer School, as well as an excursion to the Gower Peninsula.

Note that the registration fee does not cover travel costs. Please discuss with your Head of Department or LMS Representative if your Department would be able to refund your travel costs.

Practical information

The 2020 Summer School will be held between 12-24 July 2020 at the Department of Mathematics of Swansea University Bay Campus. The arrival is on Sunday, 12 July 2020, the departure is on the afternoon of Friday, 24 July 2020.

The students participating at the Summer School will be accommodated at the Bay Campus in contemporary student accommodation.

The breakfast will be served in a nearby cafeteria, the Core. The students will be provided with a packed lunch. The dinner will be served in the Core. The catering team are used to managing a large range of special diets. Furthermore, for all participants of the School, every working day there will be tea/coffee breaks (with biscuits), both in the morning and in the afternoon.

Just a short drive from Swansea is the Gower Peninsula – the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It features Rhossili Bay – one of the most famous beaches in the UK. On Sunday, 19 July 2020 we will organise an excursion to Gower.

About the venue

In Autumn 2018, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science moved into a modern purposely built facility, the Computational Foundry, on the recently opened Swansea University Bay Campus. The Computational Foundry is a £32.5 million world-class facility and a beacon for research collaborations. Its aim is to drive research into computational and mathematical sciences.

The Computational Foundry has two lecture theatres, a large seminar room and a large reading room. There are several networking spaces, where participants of the School will be able to have research discussions or just relax on comfortable chairs or sofas.

The Bay Campus has direct access to a sandy beach. The campus is compact and has a full range of facilities: student accommodation, a library, several catering outlets, a mini-supermarket, sport pitches, a bank. The campus is located less than 4 miles from Swansea city centre and there are frequent buses connecting the campus with the city centre.


Here the Summer School photos will be posted.


For any enquiries, please, contact the Local Organising Committee