Swansea University, 12–23 July 2021

Bay Campus

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About the school

As part of its role in sustaining the mathematical community, the London Mathematical Society has introduced Undergraduate Summer Schools. The aim is to introduce to modern mathematics the best UK Maths undergraduates, who are about to enter their final year of study, and to make them think seriously about an academic career at that stage.

The 2021 Summer School will be held between 12 and 23 July 2021 and organised by the Department of Mathematics of Swansea University. It will run online.

The school will have 6 mini-courses (4 lectures/example classes and one Q&A session per course) and about 10 colloquium talks (one hour each). The mini-courses and colloquia will cover various fields of mathematics, including Algebra, Analysis, Biomathematics, Geometry, Probability and Statistics. There will be no assessment of students.

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For any enquiries, please, contact the Local Organising Committee