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"Approximately five months into my second pregnancy, I began to experience pelvic girdle pain. As a result, simple day-to-day tasks such as driving, changing position in bed and walking up steps resulted in excruciating pain and seriously affected my mobility. As a healthy individual, with a high level of fitness, this side effect of pregnancy came as a shock and the thought of a further four to five months of discomfort seemed unbearable.

I visited the Osteopathy Clinic in the Health and Wellbeing Academy, where I was asked to provide an extensive medical history and undergo a series of simple tests and assessments. Initially, I was dubious as to how effective the treatment would be, since the focus of the initial treatment was very light manipulation of the muscles in my legs. However, within two sessions, the results were unquestionable. My ability to move freely was remarkably improved and the pain I was experiencing reduced significantly.

Ellie, the osteopath, made me feel comfortable and able to talk through my symptoms week on week. She listened to my feedback and presented new exercises to try out at home. Overall, I cannot imagine how the last half of my pregnancy would have developed without intervention from the Health and Wellbeing Academy. I am now in a position where I feel more confident and physically strong ahead of my due date and would recommend osteopathy to any expectant mum experiencing pain or discomfort."



"I first attended the Osteopath Clinic with my little boy Toby when he was 10 weeks old. He was having difficulties with reflux, and tightness in his neck . From our first appointment I felt confident in the treatment plan for Toby and saw an improvement in his reflux and neck immediately. Everyone at the clinic, including the students who treated and observed session were always professional, informative and showed genuine interest in Toby's, and my, wellbeing. As a first time mom I worried so much but always felt reassured by those treating him. An added bonus Toby's sleep improved and I also found that having regular treatment lead to him being relaxed during clothing changes and during bathtime".