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If you have already accepted a place through Clearing or Adjustment, you should tell the people who deal with your application for student finance about your change of course and/or University. 

They can then make the necessary amendments for any financial help you're entitled to.

I've already applied for funding

If you have already applied for student finance but your course or university details have changed due to the clearing process, you will need to inform your funding authority of the changes.  You can do this quickly and easily by logging into your student finance account and changing your details – even if you applied on paper.

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I haven't yet applied for student finance

You can still apply for finance and should do so as soon as possible. You will need to be aware that an application submitted now is unlikely to be processed in time for the beginning of your course.

You can request that you have some student finance made available to you as close as possible to the start of your course by requesting that an initial assessment is undertaken that does not take account of your household income.  This can take less time and will allow you to receive the ‘non-means tested’ element of your funding.

Once your funding authority has received and processed all the relevant evidence and information required to support your application a full income based assessment will be undertaken.  You will then receive a student funding notification letter detailing how much funding you are eligible to receive and the remainder of your student funding award, if applicable.  

If you are unsure what funding you are entitled to, there is more information available on our Student Loans and Grants pages.


Once your loan is confirmed, don’t forget to submit your Online Terms and Conditions (OTC) via your online account with an Electronic Signature (E-Signature) or you won’t receive any payments at the start of term!  

Please remember that the Maintenance Loan and any Grants you may be getting are paid straight into your account but your Fee Loan will be going straight to the university.