If you want to come to Swansea but are already holding a place at another University, you can “self-release” into Clearing.  Over 40% of people who went through Clearing last year used the self-release option, so you won’t be alone.

Self Release in UCAS

UCAS has made it easier for applicants to change Universities after they know their results. Instead of contacting your chosen university or college and waiting to be released into Clearing, you are now able to do this yourself from your UCAS Hub.

  1. Log in to your UCAS Hub

  2. Click the link to ‘Decline my place’ on your homepage - you will be taken to a page explaining the process and asked to confirm you are sure you want to release.

  3. That’s it! Once this has been completed, your status on UCAS will show that you are in Clearing. You will then be able to refer yourself via your UCAS Hub to the course you’ve been offered in Clearing at Swansea.

Feeling a little nervous about releasing yourself in to the Clearing process? Don't be! We have written a Clearing Guide to help you through it and we have a Frequently Asked Questions page with added information about Student Life and the Clearing Process to help put you at ease with the whole process.

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