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Zo Choudhury, BSc Audiology

Zo Choudhury, BSc Audiology

'Driving down Mumbles Road (on the beachfront) towards the University, made me completely forget about my upcoming interview.

Being a city dweller all my life, the prospect of living five minutes away from the beach sold me the decision to go to Swansea University. The staff were very friendly and the University seemed welcoming.

While I was travelling back home, I was asked if I would be interested in studying Audiology. After research into the course and career choice, I jumped at the chance of taking the place.

During A-Level results week, I felt upset and lost, but I believe everything happens for a reason – I am delighted that I ended up studying Audiology here. 

My cohort has only 8 people, so we get on really well and feel like a family – I feel sad when I remember that I don’t have much time left on my course.

If I hadn’t gone through Clearing, I wouldn’t be where I am in now!'

John Fanning, BA History

John Fanning, BA History

'When I got my results and found at that I was in Clearing, I was devastated.  However I was still determined to go to university to study History.

When looking through the options, I came across Swansea… The pictures looked great, but I still felt a great deal of uncertainty – I’d never been to Swansea and it was a six-hour train journey home. But I needn’t have worried.

I feel very fortunate to have had three great years at Swansea making some fantastic friends as well as having so many opportunities to gain skills and experience. As well as gaining my degree, I have been a student ambassador and joined societies.

This year I’ll be doing a Masters in Comparative Journalism, and I can’t wait to get started with it. I would tell people getting their A-Level results that there is no need to panic!'

Greg Harris, BSc Physics

Greg Harris, BSc Physics

'During Clearing I was nervous, and because of the pressure of changing my plans in such a short space of time I was unsure of whether to even try. It turns out the applying to Swansea was one of the best decisions I ever made.

‘Freshers’ was one of the best weeks of my life. By the time it was over I had met so many amazing people and got involved with sports I had never even heard of before.  Not only is Uni great but Swansea is definitely worth exploring. The beaches in the Gower are incredible and Swansea Bay is right across the road from campus.

Coming to Swansea through Clearing was in no way a disadvantage, and if I had the choice now I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  In fact I’m not going anywhere yet - I’m staying for another year to do my Masters!'