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PhD Researcher

My PhD title is The Impact of Natural Disasters on the livelihood assets and post-disaster vulnerability of Older People in Nepal

Personal Profile

I completed my undergraduate degree from the University of Bradford in Health, Wellbeing and Social Care in 2014 and had an opportunity to work with older people in a position of Nutrition Advisor and Head of Care for approximately 2 years. Having being involved in the health care profession via clinical and extra-clinical grounds for more than a decade, both here in UK and back home in Nepal, along with a keen interest in project management, I changed my academic direction and graduated with an MSc Project Management degree from BPP University London, along with level 7 in Strategic and Leadership Management. 

My Research

I started my PhD in April 2018.  This aims to put insight into the impact of natural disasters on the livelihood assets and post-disaster vulnerability of older people in rural communities in Nepal. Furthermore, this research aims to identify the vulnerability and investigate the immediate and long-term impact on the livelihood assets following a natural disaster in order to establish the extent to which this meets the needs of the senior citizens. It will further scrutinize the provision and co-ordination of post-disaster projects and their operational grounds.

Aside from looking into post-disaster vulnerability of older people and operational grounds of post-disaster projects, it will shade light into the policy and guidelines towards disaster management at state, national and international level to identify whether or not these have had any impact on the grass root level. 


Professor Vanessa Burholt, Dr. Martin Hyde


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