Find out more about our PhD students and the research they are carrying out.

Carole Butler

Enhancing person-centred care and wellbeing for older residents with dementia through intergenerational practice

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Maria Cheshire-Allen

Wellbeing of older carers of people living with dementia through sustainable social support in Wales
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Faye Grinter

Redefining Professional Boundaries – Relationship-centred Practice in the Care for Older People with Dementia

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Angharad Higgins

Hiraeth - the experience of older Welsh speakers in care

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Kate Howson

Evaluation of the Impact of Intergenerational Activities on Relationship-Centred Care and Care Outcomes in Care Homes

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Kailash Khanal

The Impact of Natural Disasters on the livelihood assets and post-disaster vulnerability of Older People in Nepal

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Catherine Launder

Transitions in Care: Information needs concerning the discharge from hospital of an older person

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Carol Maddock

The Role of Social Support Networks in Dementia Health-literacy and older people

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Amy Murray

Examining the driving cessation process amongst current and retired older drivers and their informal social network members

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Caitlin Reid

Understanding and Improving Emotional Well-being of Older Care Home Residents

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Kelly Roberts

Assessing the Relationship of Concessionary Bus Use and Health for Older People in Wales

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Allyson Rogers

Age Friendly Communities for people with Mobility Difficulties 

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Picture of Laura Sheerman

Laura Sheerman

What potential do virtual assistants have to improve wellbeing in the oldest old demographic? 

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Aled Singleton

Psycho-geography; place; ageing; and emotional attachment

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Verity Walters

The Importance of an Indoor Environmental Assessment Tool to People with Mild to Moderate Dementia

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Aelwyn Williams

The development of dementia supportive communities in Wales

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