Ageing is a theme which cuts across business, industry, the public sector and the economy in general and continues to grow in importance.  

As Wales’ leading centre for ageing studies, the Centre for Innovative Ageing puts a positive view of ageing and older people at the core of its business, and through our transformative research we ensure care, well-being and quality of life are underpinned by the latest in original, and innovative ideas.

As a global leader the standing and reputation of the centre’s research activity continues to be highly acclaimed, having achieved international recognition for its work in social and environmental gerontology.  While the research expertise of our staff is recognised through their involvement in influential UK and international committees, and as collaborators, consultants and advisors for projects across the World.  We have a strong philosophy of translating research into practice, and actively foster collaborations between business and academia.

Our highly acclaimed research is leading the way in three distinct areas:

Participation, Social and Supportive Relationships: Exploring how our community is a crucial factor in the development of the relationships we hold with those around us, as well as the driving factor in how we form and shape our cultural conventions, along with our values and beliefs.

Environments of Ageing: Investigating how older people interact with their environment to combat the traditional view that we are strongly influenced by our surroundings, and move society to a place where older people actively engage with their environment leading to improvements in quality of life, health and well-being.

Work, retirement and ageism: Improving labour market outcomes for older workers, complementing the priorities of the UK government’s ‘fuller working lives’ agenda and builds upon the global drive, spearheaded by the WHO, to combat ageism.