Welcome to the Algal Research Group (ARG)

Algal Research Group (ARG) equipment in greenhouse


Situated on the Singleton Campus at Swansea University, we are at the forefront of algal biotechnology in Wales and the UK. How algae function in a changing natural environment and how they can be used in biotechnology are questions that fascinate out team of researchers. 

Equipped with one of the largest UK greenhouse facilities for microalgal cultivation (10,000L-plus capacity) and analytical/downstream processing, we carry out both fundamental and applied research on microalgae, cyanobacteria and macroalgae. For aquaculture projects see also the CSAR website.

Our Expertise and Activity

We comprise a team of wide-ranging scientific backgrounds with a common interest in algal research. Together we offer a broad platform of knowledge covering large-scale cultivation, dewatering and biomass processing, engineering, laboratory experimentation, marine biology and ecosystem monitoring.

Breaking new ground is one of our aims. Our fundamental research addresses questions of ecosystem interactions, algal physiology, changing climate and cellular composition. Also striving for maximum impact, we are keen to harness the benefits of algae to drive the circular economy. We grow algae to remediate and recycle liquid and gaseous wastes, to contribute to the NetZero agenda,  provide novel food such as protein, healthy oils and antioxidants, and to make novel pharmaceuticals and biostimulants.

Collaboration and Opportunities

Currently we are engaged in collaborative inter-disciplinary research with experts in nanotechnology, medicine, AI computing, agriculture, food/drinks producers, natural products and aquaculture. We also collaborate widely with local and international industries on bioremediation projects (e.g. Bluestones brewing company) and natural products (e.g. Phytoquest). Here the aim is to utilize brewery waste nutrients and CO2 to grow algae for medicinal natural products, an example of the circular economy.