The purpose of the Recruitment and Admissions Committee is to oversee admission to the University and to develop policies for the University relating to the recruitment and admission of new students. 

Dates for 2024-2025 meetings will be published in the near future. 

   The Composition In Attendance
The Chair Associate Director MRID
Academic Quality and Standards Committee (2 members) Head of Admissions
Academic Regulations and Special Cases Committee (2 members) Head of Undergraduate Admissions 
A Member of the Programme Management Board (2 members) Head of Postgraduate Admissions
Faculty Representatives (6 members from each faculty,  one of which may be the faculty admissions representative) Head of Policy and Projects (Admissions Office)
ELTS representative Head of International Development Office
The College’ representative Head of UK Student Recruitment
President of the Students' Union
Students' Union Education Officer
Secretary to Recruitment and Admissions Committee