The purpose of the University Education Committee is to have strategic oversight and maintenance of matters relating to the University’s quality assurance and enhancement of awards made in the name of the University; its learning, teaching and assessment at all levels of study; and the enhancement of the student experience.

Meeting dates of the University Education Committee
23 February 2023
9 March 2023
18 April 2023
9 May 2023
8 June 2023
20 July 2023


The CompositionIn Attendance
Chair, Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Education Secretary to University Education Committee
Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Academies At the discretion of the Chair, other University and Students' Union officers, as may be appropriate. shall be invited to attend meetings
Faculty Associate Deans Education  
Director of Academic Services (or nominee)  
Chief Digital Officer (or nominee)  
Principle/Director of The College (or nominee)  
Head of Academi Hywel Teifi  
Students' Union President  
Students' Union Education Officer  
Students' Union Student Voice Co-Ordinator