Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) Student Funding

Tuition Fees at Swansea University for the GEM course are currently £9,000 per annum*. 

*The Welsh Government has announced intentions to increase the maximum tuition fee in 2020 - 2021 for full-time undergraduate degree programmes in line with inflation. This may mean the maximum tuition fee for 2020-2021 could be set to increase from £9,000 to £9,295 per annum.

Funding regimes for the first year of the Graduate Entry Medicine course differ significantly to years 2, 3 and 4:

Statutory Funding

Struggling financially whilst you study?

Swansea University Opportunity Award

The Money@CampusLife Team administers the Swansea University Opportunity Award for current Swansea University students.  It is a discretionary, means tested award that is intended to help low income students who have unforeseen expenses with a non repayable grant. 

It is available to all “home” and EU (i.e. not International) GEM students who have taken out all statutory funding entitlements. However, you are expected to have made adequate provision for tuition fees and essential living costs prior to enrolment. GEM students are expected to evidence this when applying.

Application forms are available from the Money@CampusLife team.

Royal Medical Benevolent Fund

Current GEM students who are facing unexpected and exceptional financial hardship are also able to apply for the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.

Other funding Opportunities

There are other organisations who offer financial help to students on the Graduate Entry Medicine Course. For an up to date search on current financial assistance that may be available please visit the Prospects website.

The following website may also be useful when looking to fund your GEM course: