How we tested Canvas

A selection of sample pages of Canvas Learning Management System ( were audited. The pages where selected to try and mimic a typical students use of the learning platform. Students are the largest userbase for this system, so there user journey is critical.

The user journey covered key areas including navigation, finding and engaging with content, interactions and error recovery.

The sample pages included:

  • Dashboard
  • Calendar Page
  • Studio Page
  • Inbox
  • Course Landing Page
  • Course Overview
  • Modules Page
  • Module Content Page and PDF download
  • Announcements Page
  • Quiz Pages
  • Assignments PageReading List Page
  • Turnitin Submission Page

The internal audit on sample pages have been subjected to the following process:

  • An automated review using Microsoft Insights Tool
  • A manual review supported by Microsoft Insights Tool
  • A manual review based on POUR Checklist
  • A manual Review using NVDA Screen Reader examining areas of navigation, interaction, time limits and error recovery.

The audit process was conducted by our internal usability specialist, as we do not have a dedicated accessibility resource. This approach was decided upon based on the size of the website, time, resources and funding the organization had available at the time.

You can read the full accessibility test report [add link to report].

This is in addition to the Canvas Accessibility WCAG Report that summarizes the accessibility conformance of the application and was performed by a third-party authority