Caelan Mulligan graduating from the British International School of Houston

Applied Medical Sciences student Caelan Mulligan joined Swansea University after studying his International Baccalaureate at the British International School of Houston.

"I was attracted to Swansea by the Medical School's excellent reviews and rankings, as well as the fact that my course offers a pathway to Medicine.

My goal is to go into orthopaedic surgery. My Dad was a physical therapist when I was younger and I was always really interested in his work and all the books he would keep in his office, so that type of hands-on work with the anatomy is really interesting to me."

"The idea of coming to university alone and living independently for the first time was daunting, but it’s been much easier than I expected as both my peers and professors have been very welcoming.

There is a comforting feeling of knowing everyone is in it together and working towards similar goals.

University and university study has been much less complicated than I’d envisioned and the communication between students and lecturers is much more conversational and relaxed than I was expecting."

Caelan Mulligan on the beach
Caelan Mulligan at a Gower beach

"What advice would I give to students who are thinking about applying to Swansea University? 

Read up about the partnerships and opportunities that are available with your course - there’s so much more to do than just do lectures: There are societies, opportunities to do work experience and industry placements and even partnerships with universities abroad that could be amazing experiences. 

I'd sum up my Swansea experience so far as fulfilling – I’m enjoying learning about something I'm really interested in, and the feeling of progressing towards my goals is extremely rewarding."