Grenoble-Swansea Strategic Partnership

Enhancing Knowledge through Working Together

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Encompassing a community of universities and research organisations in the Rhone‐Alpes region of France with a combined student population of over 65,000 students, Swansea’s Strategic Partnership with Grenoble is an innovative multi-disciplinary model for international cooperation, adding value through academic differentiation.

Established in 2012, the Partnership is widely seen as a model for international collaboration and is an integral part of Swansea University’s centenary commitments to:

  • Foster partnerships with leading organisations from around the world
  • Provide exciting opportunities for students to enhance their skills, global knowledge, and cultural agility
  • Attract scholars with global reputations

New Double Degree in Professional Translation

Our new double MA in Professional Translation gives students a unqiue opportunity to study and train for professional practice in two different academic environments and gain degrees from both Swansea and Université Grenoble Alpes.

The programme brings together the expertise of both institutions by combining key elements of Swansea’s MA in Translation and Interpreting and UGA’s Master LEA parcours Traduction spécialisée.

Find out more about the course here or read more on the Université Grenoble Alpes website.

Meet ... Prof Laurent Charlet

"As International Research Advisor to the President of Grenoble University, I was tasked with developing European collaborations and was involved in the creation of a network of  like-minded universities throughout Europe.

I have found the people I have worked with across the University to be highly professional and motivated partners, open to interactions with other fields of interest beyond their own and happy to talk with and collaborate with international partners."  Read the full profile in our Momentum magazine here.

Prof Laurent Charlet

Prof Laurent Charlet

History of the Grenoble Strategic Partnership

The Swansea and Grenoble Strategic Partnership started in 2012 as a research collaboration in nanoscience, energy and ageing with University Joseph Fourier Grenoble (UJF).

It has since developed into a unique, institution-wide multi‐disciplinary collaboration with Universite Grenoble Alpes: a major scientific site in France, and an integrated university that regroups higher education and research stakeholders in Grenoble.  hese include Université Grenoble Alpes; Grenoble Institute of Technology (Ecole Polytechnique); CNRS and INRIA.

Grenoble facts and figures

Facts & Figures
Aerial view of Grenoble architecture at Sunset
  • One of the best student cities in France []
  • Population: 450,000
  • 3rd European city of the future [Financial Times]
  • The capital of mountain sports and outdoor activities
  • Close to most famous ski resort Chamonix, and mountain peak Mount-Blanc
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