Aimed at Leaders and Senior Managers with an interest in developing knowledge and insight in how to develop and engage with Value-Based Health and Care systems and services.  

The Programme is international in approach with experience from diverse geographies, health systems and thought leaders.

As affordability challenges health systems across the world, the focus on delivering greater value (the outcomes that matter most to people, at the lowest possible cost) becomes increasingly critical.

We have designed an exciting programme of executive education to support leaders and senior managers from across health and social care systems and within the life science sector. 

Our programme is focused on enabling the development of a robust understanding of the approaches to the successful adoption of Value-Based Health and Care; through learning from different healthcare systems and life science companies, and through bringing the latest findings from academic research.



About our programme

The programme is delivered by an international faculty of leaders with expert knowledge – providing diverse insight and experience; to help challenge and shape your thinking and support you in defining the right approach for your organisation and system. 

As a leader or manager the programme will ensure you return to your organisation equipped to validate or build a strategy defined by value and outcomes. 

Topics such as 'Implementing and Using Value Measurement', 'Creating a Culture of Value' and 'Understanding What to Measure' will be explored.  You will work with our academics and international faculty to examine case studies and debate topical challenges both in classroom settings and via networking opportunities.  You will work as part of small learning sets, which we hope will continue well beyond the course.

This Executive Education programme will:

  • Help you identify collaborative working opportunities with peers and colleagues from health systems and the life science sector
  • Provide insights and experience to help challenge your thinking
  • Explore how to move from an approach focused on cost and outputs towards models that create greater value and outcomes that matter most to people
  • Validate your long term strategy, consider the skills and capabilities needed in your work force; and support development of a sustainable health and care system/organisation/business model

Programme Details

The programme is delivered in the following models, and bespoke events can be explored for large organisations:



The next programme will be delivered virtually, from February to April 2021. Key programme information and dates are as follows:

Typical participants: Executive and senior leaders/managers from across the global healthcare and life-science sectors

Language: English

Cost: £1,500 per person

Updated VBHC Course Details

If you would like more information, please complete the form on this page and a member of the Executive Education team will contact yourselves with further information and joining details.

About the course director

Dr Kelley is CEO of Sprink, an organisation supporting the global adoption of Value-Based Health Care (VBHC). Dr Kelley was the National Clinical Advisor on VBHC for the Welsh Government, assisting the development of the national VBHC strategy. Between 2013 and 2018 he worked at the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), establishing their London office in 2014 and subsequently leading ICHOM’s work in the EMEA region; before taking overall responsibility for ICHOM’s day-to-day operations and global responsibility for ICHOM’s strategic partnerships in 2017. Prior to this, Dr Kelley practiced as an NHS physician at Oxford University Hospitals (OUH).

Dr Thomas Kelley