Dr Hany Abdel-Latif receiving award

Dr Hany Abdel-Latif, a lecturer in the Economics department, received a student-nominated award for excellence in learning and teaching at the Class of 2019 Economics graduation ceremony on Wednesday 24th July.

Hany joined Swansea University in 2011 as a PhD candidate. His PhD thesis investigated the transmission channels of financial crises into real economies in developing countries. The main focus in this piece of research is on labour market outcomes, namely unemployment, the informal sector shock dynamics and child labour.

His teaching experience in Economics goes back to 2003 in Mansoura University, where he worked as a tutor of Economics. In the meantime, he was a member of the founding team of the “Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluating Unit” at the same university. Throughout his career, Hany has participated in the “Chartered Financial Analyst” CFA programme at the Institute of Professional Accountants in Cairo, where he acted as a lecturer and vice-technical manager.

His research expertise is in Applied Economics, especially in the areas of Macroeconomics, Development, Financial and labour Economics. In particular, Hany’s main interest is on modelling external shocks and their transmission mechanisms. He has a strong background in Econometrics, especially in dynamic panel data, limited dependent variable, and vector autoregressive models.

Hany is also the founder and president of the “Egypt Scholars Economic Society”, where he leads a group of young economists who are based in Europe, Africa and USA, with the aim of stimulating rigorous research on the Egyptian economy.

In nominating their lecturer, students highlighted how supportive he is of their studies; the importance he attaches to their understanding and how he supplements his teaching with web resources and YouTube videos.

Some of the student comments included: “The passion he possesses towards the subjects he teaches is second to none and this certainly spreads to the students”

“I don't think I've met a lecturer as well rounded as Hany, who carries a friendly demeanour at all times, and can hold a conversation on both academic and non-academic subjects.”

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